Kyoto Natural Factory.


Cedar is used in tea room, for the structure as beams. I also personnaly saw cedar in temples and ryokan.
KNF is located in the sububs of Kyoto, going a bit up in the mountains. They own few parts of this beautiful forest where they make cedars grow. The production is eco responsible as when one tree is cut another one is planted.
There are 2 differents way of make them grow that will give a visual difference on the wood. Either, it is left to grow naturally, either they fix small plastic pannel to visually and artificially increase the strippings of the wood (see following pictures) What makes the surface of the cedar so unique is that it is naturally polished and clean.

Technique: Once mature size, the tree is cut and brought to the crafmanshop, where following a traditional technique with a special tool, the tree brak is taken off, so the wood appears. Then, it is simply cleaned with a dust remover and it is ready to by worked with all the machinery. They have special machine allowing them to cut at certain dimensions following the need for the pannel. Once the cedar is cut, it is fixed with small screws to acrylic pannel.

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