Kumagai Shoten.


Founded in 1935. Japan has now more than 200 craftmen specialized in the areas of porcelain and pottery. Among them, Kiyomizu Yaki is a highly renowned specialist in the treatment of ceramics in Kyoto, for over 200 years.
Kumagai Shoten is a Kiyomizu wholesaler, and also develops new products. They focused for several years on productions in collaboration with national and foreign designers. This allowed Kumagai Shoten to earn respect on the Japanese market but also foreigners.

Technique: The main feature of ceramic processing by Kiyomizu Yaki is based on the mixing of different clays from several regions. The variety of patterns and colors is exceptional, clearly differentiating this production from more conventional ceramics.

Materials: Porcelain

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Kumagai Shoten
Kumagai Shoten
Kumagai Shoten
Kumagai Shoten
Kumagai Shoten

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